In this section are the photo's of some of the construction of Newtown bypass in Mid-Wales.

This bypass has been many years in the making and the town has now become that bad they have finally made the decision to build one after over 40 years of debating a build.

The build started in early 2016 with a finish date of late 2018.

The cost of over £56 million pounds.

Area covered just under 4 miles in length cutting around the back of Newtown.

Please find some pinch points of photo's that i have taken at the start to the present and will be updated as work continues on the build.

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H18-PDW Photography.

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******* New ******

I now have started to do overhead footage of some parts of the construction of the bypass.

All footage has been taken in accordance of CAA regulations, please check out my link to a playlist.

More to be added in time.

Also if you are interested there is another nice web site with details of the build and more photo's from Roy Fellows

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